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The G-Force app allows you to embark on your fitness journey and keep tabs on your goals. Accurately track your progress including calories burned on a weekly and monthly basis. Discover how fiercely you have been working out every week by seeing how much time you've spent in a certain heart rate zone. You'll know if you need to shift into high gear or take it easy on yourself (although we'd rather you always give it your all, we'll know when you don't!). You also have the ability to glance at our schedule and more importantly sign up for classes ahead of time, which allows you to secure your spot in any given class. You can also keep track of miscellaneous stats such as past classes, instructors you've visited most, your most frequented day of the week, and the class you've taken most. Lastly you are able to renew or purchase membership packages and refer your friends and family in order to take advantage of the discounts our referral program offers. This is home base for our G-Force family and we hope to see you working out real soon! Download it today on your preferred app store!