H.I.I.T and Bootcamp Classes

If you're looking for intense workouts, no nonsense, and a variety of routines, then our H.I.I.T Studio is the place you want to be. This studio is fully equipped with weights, benches, rowing machines, punching bags, Bosu balls, TRX bands and more. Bootcamp & H.I.I.T workouts alternate daily (Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body) while  10 Round Boxing provides endurance training. Our Body Sculpting classes allow you tone your body even further and Boxing Circuit rounds everything out with a mix of strength building and cardio.

Bootcamp & H.I.I.T

 An intense workout series that synthesizes warm ups with a blend of exercises that involve weight lifting, using your own bodyweight, TRX rubber straps, Bosu balls, and more; designed to help build strength and tone muscle. We rotate daily between these workouts M-F: Upper, Lower, Total, Upper, Booty Blast/Lower.

Boxing Circuit

 A continuous and fulfilling workout of 10 two minute rounds, with :45 second breaks in between for exercises like mountain climbers which improve your cardio.

Body Sculpting

 A non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, focused on core strength where you perform traditional weight-training moves.  Sculpting classes use hands, exercise bands, and dumbbells.

10 Rounds Boxing

An explosive workout routine that has you going toe-to-toe with the punching bag. Its you vs yourself, the ultimate test of endurance.

L.A.B (Legs, Abs, Booty)

This class moves you through different stations that provide an intense and focused workout for your core, your legs, and that booty!

Boxing Fitness

Ever wanted to increase your endurance and your skills as a boxer? We’ve got you covered with a routine that will sharpen your senses, tone your body and burn a ton of calories. You’ve never taken a class like this at G-Force before!

Aerobics Classes

Our Aerobics Studio houses our most diverse set of group fitness classes. Belly Dancing works out your entire body in ways you never would otherwise. Hip Hop and Zumba infuse a lot of energy into your workouts, while Yoga and Mat Pilates allow you to concentrate as you work out specific parts of your body.

Belly Dancing

 Belly Dancing here at G-Force is truly a unique total body workout experience due to our own “Aini” brand of Belly Dancing, coined by our instructor Aini. She blends the cabaret, oriental and tribal styles to provide an extraordinary routine that isolates and forces muscle groups to work both by themselves and together.  


An exhilarating aerobic workout combining the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and Cumbia to provide an entire body cardio workout that burns a ton of calories while remaining fun. 

Funk Fitness

Funk Fitness is a blast from the past! Its a wonderful way for people who enjoy hip-hop and soul music and/or dancing to get an amazing work out—easily accessible to all levels of fitness. Make sure you’re prepared to let loose, sweat a bunch, burn off calories and get down with the funk!


MIXXEDFIT is a people inspired dance fitness program—combining a mix of explosive dancing and bootcamp toning. If you feel like Zumba isn't enough and Bootcamp is going too far, this may be the perfect middle ground for you!

Chair Dance

Prepare to get your sexy on in a fun and new way. Recommended attire is leggings and/or knee pads if you have them. Otherwise, feel free to get in the groove and elevate your confidence a bit more with one of our most unique classes yet!

Mat Pilates

 Our mat pilates workouts are designed to strengthen your core, so anything from the hips up to the shoulders is feeling the burn! Like Yoga, Mat Pilates is 100% equipment free, and unlike Yoga has added elements that vary based on instructors.


 Looking to de-stress or achieve a bit more mental clarity? Look no further. Yoga works out your entire body through numerous stretches and by holding postures. It also implements simple meditation and breath control to ensure you are ready to conquer all obstacles in your way while feeling stronger, re-energized and focused.

Fit N Flexy


Fit n Flexy is an hour long class designed for everyone looking to enhance their flexibility & reach their flexy goals! This class will begin with a movement based warm up with light stretches to help our body open up. We will then flow into deeper stretches focusing on shoulder flexibility, back flexibility, split flexibility and more! This class utilizes both passive & active flexibility to achieve our goals.

Cycle Classes

Often times people will downplay the difficulty cycle classes provide. We guarantee our Cycle Studio will create champions out of your average person! State of the art bicycles provide heart rate tracking that gets displayed on the monitors and sent to your phone. We'll always know whether you're cruising along or actually putting in the work. Above all else cycle is one of the most exciting and rewarding group fitness classes we offer.


Cycle is one of the most intense workouts we offer and many might not expect it at first. The pedaling works out your core, glutes, and quads. When you combine that with different intensities, speeds and our 50” monitors that keep track of your heart rate, there’s no way our Cycle classes are a stroll through the park.

Spin & Yoga

 We've decided to remix your typical Spin class to further enhance your workouts. First we start off with the bikes which even for 30 minutes requires lots of energy and burns tons of calories. Then we cruise on into the second half to cool off with Yoga, which complements the first half of the class by working out different aspects of the body that the bikes cannot. You’ll be feeling brand new after this one!

Spin & Tone

You may be a master of spin looking for a new challenge, who knows? This class might be just what you need to  pedal onto new heights! We start by cycling for the first half and switching over to using light weights to tone and work out the upper body. This leads to an intense complete body workout that is sure to leave you accomplished.

Spin & Row

Who ordered Cardio with an extra dose of Cardio? Spin & Row is just what you need if you're trying to burn extra calories and feel great. 15 minutes of cycling are supplemented with 15 minutes of using the rowing machines and then you do it all one more time. This all adds up to an explosive hour filled with a total body workout as the bikes work your lower body and the rowing machine builds your upper body.

Rhythm Riding

Make your Spin class a bit more exciting! Rhythm Riding is a 50min long session of intense cycling! We use the beat of the music to change motions on the bike alongside gear change shifts which dramatically elevate the experience and keeps the class constantly flowing and adjusting between difficulties.

Pole Fitness Classes

Our most exciting offering which works out the entire body through a variety of stylish workouts designed to use your own body weight as resistance and the pole as a piece of equipment. Pole Fitness improves upper body, in addition to posture, flexibility, core strength and more!

Dress Code: Tanktops/Sportsbras and Short Shorts required. No Stripping into underwear. No Jewelry, No Lotion.

Beginner Pole

The perfect class for building confidence and feeling sexy! Learn all the fundamentals and become accustomed to the pole and your own body weight and resistance as you increase your core strength, flexibility and posture!

Intermediate Pole

Ready to take Pole Fitness to the next level? Make sure you have a Basic Invert from the floor down packed before signing up for this class. Here you'll learn tricks, and intermediate transitions to smoothly string together moves and create intermediate combos. Each class incorporates conditioning in order to build strength for advanced combos and tricks.

Pole Dance Choreo

 This class focuses on dance and transitions around the pole, exploring your own unique movement. You will learn basic fundamentals which will allow you to grow and develop your own style around a choreographed routine. Attire can include knee pads, shorts or yoga pants (depending on routine) in addition to socks or shoes (your choice).

Heels Class

Get ready to turn the sexy up to 11! This is primarily a choreo class with a new choreo every week utilizing the floor and the pole as well as low pole tricks, handstand variations, spins, heel glides, shoulder stands and variations of heel kips will be taught. Of course we'll have lots of hair flips, booty shaking and body rolls! Attire: t-shirt/tank top and shorts, open-back knee pads and/or over the knee socks are highly recommended, heels must have an ankle strap. No street/clubbing shoes! 

Pole Conditioning

The class will build strength & stamina by leading you through a yoga-based stretching sequence, followed by floor conditioning & flow which incorporates dance elements to condition various pole tricks. This class is open to all levels of pole!

Pole Tricks

 Jump into this super fun class where you’ll learn how to do a wide variety of tricks utilizing the pole. This class is beginner friendly and accessible to both beginners and experts.