Our Story

 Every gym promises to change your life. They usually end up failing and the only thing being transformed—and for the worst is your bank account. The secret is actually a lot closer to home than you think; a healthier life starts with you and it’s a journey that you don’t have to take on your own. 

The beauty of group fitness is that your friends keep you accountable and push you to do your very best. Working out together adds value and meaning to your time here; builds connections and ultimately creates a community. At G-Force, our goal is to build a community that supports everyone on their journeys. Not only are our instructors of the highest quality, but they also care and root for you at every turn ensuring you stay successful in your workouts. 

Our class lineup consists of 25 unique classes spread across 70 sessions a week and counting! It’s never too late to sculpt the best version of yourself so come on down and see why G-Force has the most valuable and diversified group fitness experience in all of Lake Elsinore.